Inspire, Initiate, Involve, Invite

Young People–Dream Makers

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With the inspiration to make our dream…A to Inspire is working with self-initiatives to benefit people in local communities.


With children in Koh Dach


Teaching Children in Koh Dach 


Teaching children to give easy easy presentation in front of their friends, Preah Vihea Suor Community


“Art Performance Raising Fund for Poor Children and Orphans”

Started around 3:30 PM, the performance drew the participation of children and villagers nearby and the passer-by to watch the performance till 6:00PM. It was performed by poor children and orphans at Preak Krobao community. Besides the classical dance performance, some of educational spots were included which made the performance a learning and reflection to audiences.


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Our Philosophy

a22centre.jpgA to Inspire
A = Active: In black, A is stepping forwards despite its unfavorable appearance and background.
To Inspire: with different color, “to Inspire” values the differences that can be together to make the world a better change. To inspire is to initiate, to involve, and to invite.
– Two young persons in blue are showing their unity and cooperation by shaking left hand which is not commonly done but it’s not impossible since something strange is not something we should be afraid of doing unless we hold a firm belief and value.
– Each of the five stars represents each of our working team who works with the leadership and guidance of group leader bearing the same vision and mission.
– Above all, we work actively to inspire in our society, country and the world to make our planet a green, peaceful, and healthy place.

A to Inspire–


I: Initiative

N: Non-profit

S: Simplicity

P: Peace

I: Integrity

R: Responsibility

E: Energetic

General Activities of A to Inspire: In the pursuit of making the real changes in our community which will benefit locally and globally, we work on these activities: – Conduct the teachings, trainings, and workshops on Character and Value Building: Self Improvement and Self Esteem Team Building Leadership General English Language, etc.– Involve in voluntary work and making other collaborative work with other youth organizations– Raise funds for social contribution activities and charities

Mr. MOEUN Morn, Group Leader & Founder of  A to Inspire NPG

Mobile: (855) 16/17 399667 Email: morning.peace@yahoo.com or morn2inspire@gmail.com

A to Inspire NPG

A to Inspire is a Non Profit Group (NPG) originated from class A.2 which consists of about 30 students who study for their Bachelor of Education at the Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL) of the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP). Since April 2006, A to Inspire has been working with clear mission and vision of inspiration. 

          Mission: Our mission is to actively inspire, involve and invite young people to build themselves, to voluntarily contribute to society work, and to be the positive changes so that they will achieve their highest potential. We organize teaching group, actively involve in voluntary work, provide inspiring lessons and workshops, raise fund and implement projects to benefit the communities.

         Vision: We work actively not only to inspire others but also to inspire ourselves in order that in the future we will be able to transform this NPG to be a successful Non Profit Organization (NPO). We determine to maintain our friendship and network though after we graduate and to welcome more volunteers in order to be better changes locally and globally.  

A to Inspire NPG consists of: 

– Group Leader: To initiate, coordinate, and involve all members of all teams to ensure the effective process of NPG. He has the main role in leading and involving in all activities.

– Human Resource Team: To prepare teaching materials, teaching sources, and to gather information as well as to evaluate trainings, etc.  

– Training and Teaching Team: To conduct trainings and teachings, etc. in the fields that A to Inspire can access to.

– Financial and Logistic Team: To look after account, manage expenses, keep all stationeries and materials, make financial reports, workshops, etc.  

– Public Relation Team: To do some kinds of marketing, introducing NPG to others, finding funds, etc. 

 – Social and Recreational Activity Team : To create fun activities during the teaching process, initiate gathering, etc.


What cannot be recycled is the “Wasted Time”.